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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Salam everyone and a very good day to all non-Muslims. On behalf of our Sultan's Birthday, MariBaca will be having a 3-day sale! Please, spare some time to visit our shop and get all the good books for the whole family. Below is our poster (in Malay) regarding the sale. The sale will start on March 31, 2008 and last until 9.30 pm on April 2nd. Tomorrow we'll be closing for the public holiday and the preparation for the sale. We'll be opening from 10 am until 9.30 pm during the sale. We'll be waiting!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Assalamualaikum everyone.

I have good news indeed! Recently I've applied to be a Reseller for Acmabooks Sdn Bhd after recieving an offer from them. Alhamdulillah after my application was submitted on March 15, two days later they've sent me an acceptance letter. I'm really glad because:

  1. I can easily order a lot of new books especially English children's books without having to go to KL.

  2. I'll a 1 million choice of books at my disposal (Acmabooks' promise).

  3. I can order a lot of wonderful books for children with a big discounts.

  4. There'll be more new books every month at my shop, MariBaca.

That's my good news.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reading Culture in Kota Bharu


I've been thinking for quite some time of capturing a few pictures of people reading in my hometown, Kota Bharu. Last Friday, I've got the opportunity for doing so. So, here are a few pics of this wonderful habit. I realized that, Kelantanese are some readers too.

This kid was so absorbed in her comic. She doesn't even realized that I was taking her picture just by standing right beside her. Cool...

This 'Kakak' was reading some latest news about the recent GE. I think she was reading Harakah. Good! Add some books too then.

Just by sitting on a sidewalk in front of Restoran Oriental, she can still concentrate on her paper. I really like watching people reading. No one cares anymore. Not like few years before. If you were spotted reading in public places, you'll be looked like someone looking for cheap attention. Not anymore...

Even this 'Pakcik' can squeez in some time to read. Although not many people read books, most like to read newspapers. I hope one day, I can see people reading books everywhere in Kelantan. Amen.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Buku Untuk Bayi di MariBaca

Dapatkan pelbagai buku untuk bayi anda di MariBaca. Kami menjual pelbagai jenis buku bayi seperti buku kain, buku bersalut plastik, buku bod, buku bermusik dan seumpamanya. Silalah berkunjung ke premis kami untuk mendapatkan belian pada harga diskaun 15% bermula 15 Mac hingga 25 Mac ini.

Bagi kanak-kanak di usia prasekolah dan sekolah rendah, terdapat pelbagai jenis buku cerita sama ada fiksyen atau bukan fiksyen yang sangat seronok untuk dibaca terutama di musim cuti sekolah.


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