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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reading Culture in Kota Bharu


I've been thinking for quite some time of capturing a few pictures of people reading in my hometown, Kota Bharu. Last Friday, I've got the opportunity for doing so. So, here are a few pics of this wonderful habit. I realized that, Kelantanese are some readers too.

This kid was so absorbed in her comic. She doesn't even realized that I was taking her picture just by standing right beside her. Cool...

This 'Kakak' was reading some latest news about the recent GE. I think she was reading Harakah. Good! Add some books too then.

Just by sitting on a sidewalk in front of Restoran Oriental, she can still concentrate on her paper. I really like watching people reading. No one cares anymore. Not like few years before. If you were spotted reading in public places, you'll be looked like someone looking for cheap attention. Not anymore...

Even this 'Pakcik' can squeez in some time to read. Although not many people read books, most like to read newspapers. I hope one day, I can see people reading books everywhere in Kelantan. Amen.

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