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Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Hard and Tiring

Having a book fair is always fun and happening, however when you have to do all the jobs alone most of the time, it's really hard and tiring. Although there's help from your partner and assistant, it's still not enough. For 3 days I was at Ekspo Kampus 2008 USMKK, mending a book stall. From what I can see, we were the only bookshop there. We only brought books that have just arrived from PTS and a few additions from Galeri Ilmu, Raihan Creative, The Islamic Foundation and Edukid.

The first 2 days, the sale was not promising at all. We couldn't even get RM500 per day. It's sad. I know, there's always rainy days in business. And it's definitely raining! I prayed and prayed for a better collections on the last day. Alhamdulillah, we're able to reach RM1 thousand. I can write so many reason of the not so good sale but it's no good. We still have to face the reality, not many crowd coming to the Ekspo.

Apart from the unhappy event, there's still a happy ending. We sold so many Teen Novels from PTS such as Salju Sakinah, Curahan Cinta Niagara, Zikir-Zikir Cinta, Kuseru Namamu Kekasih and Aku Mahu Popular. All 10 copies of Quran Saintifik were sold and we get a bestseller out of Aku Terima Nikahnya by Hasrizal Abdul Jamil of and Galeri Ilmu.

Yesterday was the last day and we managed to sell so many Teen Novels and Business & Management books, mostly from PTS. Actually MariBaca sell almost 50% books published by PTS. It's because I personally like and love reading books published by the company. The language is easy, the chapter is just right and I can always read a few while waiting for customers or queuing at the bank, the covers are interesting, colourful, professional and portrayed the content inside. Briefly writing, PTS's books are the best for me!

But I'm always open to other books from publishers like Galeri Ilmu - they are producing more good books and appealing to the mass market. Their quality - paper, printing and graphics are so nice and colourful. The size of the books is also different and I like them too.

We read, we reviews and then we promote. MariBaca will always try to read first before we sell the books to our customers. It's better to know the book before we recommend it to anyone.

Okay, enjoy your books!

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