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Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Arrivals from PTS & GISB

Assalamualaikum & Happy Eid to everyone.

Although Eid will be here soon, we at MariBaca are still preparing for the coming Pesta Buku & Komputer Pantai Timur 2008 that will be held starting from 8 October until 13 October at Balai Islam Lundang.

We would like to inform you that a lot of new books from PTS and GISB have arrived at MariBaca a few days ago. In this entry, we'll provide you with the links for the books from PTS.

Please helps yourself to all these wonderful books. You can view them at the links below:

Buku Terbaru di MariBaca

Lagi Buku Baru: Novel Sejarah Islam

Have a happy Eid. Enjoy your time with a book too...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eid Mubarak!

We would like to wish all our regular customers and everyone who has stopped by our blog, a Happy Eid and please forgive us for all our wrongdoings.

May Allah accept our repents and bless our life. Let's keep up our good deed through out the holly month and after.

From: MariBaca Team

Monday, September 08, 2008

Seven Days Promotion at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian.

Assalamualaikum and good morning to all viewers/readers.

Thank you for stopping by MariBaca's Blog. It is a pleasure to have you here although for a short while. It is the 8th. day of Ramadhan and the weather has become hot in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon and it's actually quite a blessing for Muslims who are fasting because we wouldn't feel so tired in the afternoon.

I was just going to do some reporting about our first day at HUSM. I applied for the promotion lot last Wednesday and thank God, my application was approved by the Pengarah Kampus of USM on the next day. We have been planning to open up a promotion table at HUSM since early this year but never get the chance until now. Alhamdulillah. After the approval, we just have to go to the PRO Dept. to fill some form and pay the rental fees (RM497 for 7 days, 7 - 15 Sept. weekends excluded).

Then off we went to find our lot. Once again I say my prayers and syukr that we got a very good spot. There are ATM's machines nearby. It's easier for customers to withdraw money... hehehe.

Oh no! We forgot to bring the tablecloth! Hubby looks quite angry but he quickly overcome it and we just decided that, let's display the books on the table just like that. Tomorrow we'll use the tablecloth. This is the first time I'm doing promotion without the tablecloth (we should maintain our image right?). Customers start coming although we haven't finished putting all the books for display. Hahaha, I can see that Hubby is happy to sell our first book. Alhamdulillah. Insya-Allah, the promotion will be a success. Hubby's actually not keen enough to accompany me however I just use my 'magic' during 'buka puasa' on one occasion and walla, he agreed. Good for him!

Morning sale was excellent but afternoon sale was rather ... so so. Anyway, we were thankful to Allah for being there for us. We start at 10 am and close for the day at 5 pm.

Today Hubby will be alone at the stall since I couldn't get away from my work. Good Luck to him. I just called him and he's still arranging the books on the table and I can hear the noisy voices around him. Hopefully they are customers. "See you at 4.15 Bang."

Dar Nur al-Zahra'

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ikhwan, read a story for me.

Yesterday at my MariBaca, I asked my nephew Ikhwan to read me a story from a book that I have chose. He just get back from his Iqra' class at a tuition school nearby. And I don't want him to waste his time just sitting around and doing nothing. He always stays at my bookshop to wait for his dad to take him home but sometime he goes home with me.

Let's watch Ikhwan reading part of a story entitle, 'Kasih Abang Teh' published by Galeri Ilmu Sdn Bhd.

So... can you hear his voice apart from the hustle and bustle around my Bookshop? Hopefully you enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stock Clearance!

Receive a free copy of FAISAL AND FRIENDS AND THE LITTER when you purchase 12 Stories from the Quran Boxed Set.

12 Stories from the Quran Boxed Set
Retail Price: RM199.90

Faisal and Friends and the Litter
Retail Price: RM62.90

Synopsis: Faisal the frog thinks litter is fun. Much to the annoyance of Mrs Jamila the fish, he persuades his friends, Saleem the grasshopper and Leila the butterfly to join in with his litter games. However, disaster strikes - Leila goes missing! Luckily Professor Aamir is close at hand, but can he save the day?

Recommendation: Faisal and Friends is an entertaining tale with a subtle message for modern children from all cultures. Simple descriptive language and beautiful colourful illustrations on each page bring this tale to life.

Mom, Read This Story to Your Child...

"But, Mum, I do not want to eat. I am a big boy and I can fast," Thabit told his mother.

"But you are fasting, Thabit. 7-year-old children eat in the morning and a little in the afternoon and then they don't eat anything else till evening."

"But you do not fast like that, Mum," the little boy insisted.

"I am older, Thabit. Grownups fast that way."

The young gentleman sat deep in thought and then asked, "Mum, why do we fast?"

"That's a good question, Thabit." She got up and went to the kitchen cupboard. She removed something from it.

"Do you know what this is, Thabit?"

"It's a blender."

"Do you know what it is supposed to do?"

"It blends passion fruit for juice."

His mother laughed. "Yes, it does blend. Our body does the same thing. It grinds the food we eat; it takes what it needs and removes the rest. It does this everyday - day in day out."

"Doesn't the body get tired, Mum?"

"It does. Just like the blender. When we have blended juice for too long, it refuses to work. Then it needs fixing. So we have to give our body a rest so it can work better for us. That's why we fast in Ramadan and some other days in the year."

"Does everybody fast, Mummy?"

"Not everybody. If you are ill or expecting a baby or if you are old and weak like Daddy's grandpa or if you are 7 years old then you don't fast.

The little boy thought some more. He ate the food his mother had set before him without much fuss.

"What if you don't want to fast?"

"What is your sister Nur's favourite colour?" "Pink".

"And what is the colour of her uniform for Madrassa?" "Blue".
But she says she'd like to wear her pink hijab when she goes."

"And why doesn't she?"

"She is afraid Ustaadh will punish her."

"You see, she was afraid Ustaadh would punish her. Ustaadh will punish her because she has broken the rule of the madrassa by wearing pink. You see, Thabit, Allah knows what is good for us and so we have to do as He commands, because He sees and knows everything. We love Him and fear Him and we don't want Him to be displeased with us."

"But don't you get hungry, Mum?"

"Of course we do. But we keep ourselves busy on other important things to take our mind away from the food. We read the Qur'an, or we visit the sick people or we go to the mosque and listen to dars. You see there's plenty to do and before you know it - it's time to eat!"

"Is there another reason why Muslims fast?"

"Yes. You are lucky, Thabit, because you have food everyday. Not everyone has food to eat."

"Like the poor people at Baroda Road?"

"Yes, like them. If we go hungry like them, we will be able to understand that they need help."

The little boy seemed satisfied with the answers, his mother had given him. "Mum, can I go with you and Daddy to help the poor?"

"By the Grace of Allah, you can."

Monday, September 01, 2008

How Does a Book Work?

Children are fascinated by how books look and feel. They see how easily you handle and read books, and they want to do the same. When your toddler watches you handle books, she begins to leran that a book is for reading, not tearing or tossing around. Before she is 3, she may even pick one up and pretend to read, an important sign that she is beginning to know what a book is for.

As your child becomes a preschooler, she is learning that

  • A book has a front cover.
  • A book has a beginning and an end.
  • A book has pages.
  • A page in a book has a top and a bottom.
  • You turn pages one at a time to follow the story.
  • You read a story from left to right of a page (except for Arabic books).

As you read with your 4 - 5 year old, begin to remind her about these things.

  • Read the title on the cover.
  • Talk about the picture on the cover.
  • Point to the place where the story starts and later, where it ends. Let your child help turn the pages.
  • When you start a new page, point to where the words of the story continue and keep following the words by moving your finger beneath them.

It takes time for the child to learn these things, but when your child does learn them, she has solved some of reading's mysteries.

Why Some Kids Don't Like to Read?

Do any of these statements have a familiar ring? They are the reasons children frequently give for not reading:

It's boring.
Don't despair if your children have this response to reading that is assigned at school. You can expose them to another kind of reading at homereading that is related to their interests.

I don't have the time.
Kids are busy. School, friends, sports, homework, TV, and chores all compete for their time. Some children need your help in rearranging their schedules to make time for reading.

It's too hard.
For some children, reading is a slow, difficult process. If your child is having a hard time reading, talk with his or her reading teacher. Ask about how you can find interesting books and materials written at a level that matches your child's reading ability.

It's not important.
Often children don't appreciate how reading can be purposeful, or relevant to their lives. Parents can take it upon themselves to find reading materials on subjects that do matter to their kids.

It's no fun.
For some children, especially those who have difficulty reading, books cause anxiety. Even for children with strong reading skills, pressure from schools and home that emphasize reading for performance can make reading seem like a chore. Our advice: take the pressure off reading so that your children can enjoy it.


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