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Monday, September 08, 2008

Seven Days Promotion at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian.

Assalamualaikum and good morning to all viewers/readers.

Thank you for stopping by MariBaca's Blog. It is a pleasure to have you here although for a short while. It is the 8th. day of Ramadhan and the weather has become hot in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon and it's actually quite a blessing for Muslims who are fasting because we wouldn't feel so tired in the afternoon.

I was just going to do some reporting about our first day at HUSM. I applied for the promotion lot last Wednesday and thank God, my application was approved by the Pengarah Kampus of USM on the next day. We have been planning to open up a promotion table at HUSM since early this year but never get the chance until now. Alhamdulillah. After the approval, we just have to go to the PRO Dept. to fill some form and pay the rental fees (RM497 for 7 days, 7 - 15 Sept. weekends excluded).

Then off we went to find our lot. Once again I say my prayers and syukr that we got a very good spot. There are ATM's machines nearby. It's easier for customers to withdraw money... hehehe.

Oh no! We forgot to bring the tablecloth! Hubby looks quite angry but he quickly overcome it and we just decided that, let's display the books on the table just like that. Tomorrow we'll use the tablecloth. This is the first time I'm doing promotion without the tablecloth (we should maintain our image right?). Customers start coming although we haven't finished putting all the books for display. Hahaha, I can see that Hubby is happy to sell our first book. Alhamdulillah. Insya-Allah, the promotion will be a success. Hubby's actually not keen enough to accompany me however I just use my 'magic' during 'buka puasa' on one occasion and walla, he agreed. Good for him!

Morning sale was excellent but afternoon sale was rather ... so so. Anyway, we were thankful to Allah for being there for us. We start at 10 am and close for the day at 5 pm.

Today Hubby will be alone at the stall since I couldn't get away from my work. Good Luck to him. I just called him and he's still arranging the books on the table and I can hear the noisy voices around him. Hopefully they are customers. "See you at 4.15 Bang."

Dar Nur al-Zahra'

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