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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last Day and a Visit from PTS Sales Agent

Hubby & me at our stall before closing time of the last day. We finish packing everything (unsold books, shelves and display tools) right before 11.20 pm. We were the last participants walking out of the Dewan Balai Islam last night. Tired but quite satisfied. Alhamdulillah.
PTS Sales Agent, En. Azari came to visit us last night. Thanks to him and PTS, almost all 'novel remaja' were sold out. Seems like we can pay more to PTS for the books that they have supplied us. En. Azari said that the organizer have more PTS children and teenager's books but we sold more of the same titles.
Adik was the most sought after person at our stall because she knows almost all the stories.
Adik recommeding an 'Aku Mahu' book to the kids.
Happy faces after spending their raya money for some interesting books. Please come again dik.
Alhamdulillah, we finish our 'pesta buku' with a good sales. Thank you En Azari for coming and checking on us. Everytime I see the PTS's books, I feel my responsibility to pay my debt. We are just a small scale bookstore that have to stand on our own two feet to support all the cost and we are still trying for some loans or investments. Hopefully, we'll succeed.

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