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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wonderful Arabic VCDs for the Whole Family.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day everyone!

While browsing through my chat box, one message got the attention of my eyes. Yes, I think I've read it before but decided to postpone the reply or maybe I miss look the message. I would like to apologise to aciqs for the late reply. Hopefully this entry will answer you question.

So, as a tribute to her and to all of you who would want to expose your family with Arabic, let's have a look at the VCD.

Animals Olympiad Vol 1 and 2

The content is a kind of cartoon series called Animals Olympiad or the Olympic for Animals. One episode lasted for only 5 minutes. It's really fun to watch even though you don't understand Arabic but you still can grasp the meaning of what the sports presenter (a green snake with a baseball cap) said by looking at the animals in action.

I watched it with my 30 year old sister and laugh out loud at the funny characters. I'm sure kids especially the one who likes sport will like the Olympic for Animals VCD. It's really a simple cartoon.

Let's have a look at what else do we have for edutainment.

You can get these VCDs from MariBaca and the price for each is RM15.90. They are the products of Makkasoft, Egypt.


  1. salam,
    kalau nak beli delivery ke??

  2. wa'alaikumsalam minat buku.

    delivery tak free. kami belum mampu nak buat free delivery lagi.

    tapi kami ada juga yang free.

    free hanya untuk pembelian melebihi RM100 (selepas diskaun) je.

  3. ooo..ok..

    kalau below RM100..brp rm caj delivery??

  4. minat buku - caj per item ialah RM6. kalau lebih 1 kami timbang dan ikut kos poslaju



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