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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Regulars of MariBaca

This children are our regular customers. They even asked us to let them work at MariBaca during their school holidays. Mmmm... if they are family it's okay but I'm afraid if I let them part-timing at the Shop, Jabatan Buruh will sue me... hehehe..

Alya and friends, with the books that they purchase. Alya is the one bringing new friends almost everyday to MariBaca. Thank you Alya (she's the 2nd one from the right, pinky-little-lady).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our latest photos

MariBaca's Main Entrance

Adik is helping a customer choosing the best ' Komik Ibadah' for her small son who loves reading comics such as Doraemon and Conan.

A customer browsing some of our Baby's books.

Mothers bringing their daughters to buy some books for holiday readings.
All of them were our new customers from the recent book fair.

A men looking at some of our posters on the windows.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Promotion at Intelek Maryam's Convo

Most books are from PTS

Me and my selca, because I'm alone managing the booth, Adik was sick and Hubby had something else to do...

The arrangement is still okay because all the children are still inside the ball room, one hour after, you just imagine...

I manage to snap a few angles of my 'excellent' table dispaly... what do you think?

Inside the ballroom. Look at the beautiful decoration. Kak Lis of Tadika Intelek Maryam really knows her job.

Thanks Kak Lis for inviting us to open up a booth.


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