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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Read A Book A Month Challenge

Assalamualaikum and good day to everyone. Today I'd like to share an interesting activity that you can do with your children and you certainly will enjoy it. An acquaintance, KittyCat from Right Reads For Kids has invited me to join this challenge and upon reading her blogs, I've decided to let myself experience this activity with my nieces.

Well, what was it all about? Here's what KittyCat wrote in her blog,
For 2009, I would like to call on ALL readers (*especially Malaysian students, Mums and Dads!!!) to join me in this reading challenge.

1. Just make a list of 12 books you will read with your child in 2009. Join in anytime and don’t worry if you haven’t got your list yet!
2. Start off with 1-2 books you have at home…(textbooks NOT allowed!)
3. If you have a blog, add a comment here with a link to your blog.
4. If you don’t have a blog, add a comment here with your list of books. You’re welcome to check in regularly to keep each other on track!
And she also encouarged us with these reasons.


For your child…
1. You’ll spend some quality time with your child. And your child will treasure the memory of having you ALL to himself/herself for that time.
2. Your child will have read at least ONE book in a month = 12 books in a year.
3. It’s a great way to drag your child away from the PSP, Gameboy, Wii, TV or Internet!
4. Open your child’s mind with a new experience and (hopefully) a new hobby and love for lifelong learning…

For you…
You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you actually READ 12 books in a year!
Let’s work together to encourage reading among our children, shall we? I hope you’ll join me in this challenge. Let’s change the statistics from TWO to TWELVE!!!
So my friends, what do you think? Would you be interested in joining this challenge? It's only one book a month and by the end of 2009, you'll be surprised that you can read 12 books!

Click on the button below for more infos.


FYI I'm joining this challenge and going to write the list of 12 books that I'm going to read with Ikhwan, Iffah and Ameerah.

My book list:
  1. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The 9780446407410 by Vicki Myron
  2. Wild About Books by Judy Sierra
  3. Read Me A Story Please. 50 Readalouds Stories chosen by Wendy Cooling
  4. Abang, Adik & Kasut by Ezee Rahmani
I'll be updating my list of books regularly after this. I'm definitely going to read 12 and who knows maybe more...


  1. Hi Kak Chik - Wow, you've got a good list started! Books No. 1 and 4 sound interesting.

    Hope you'll post a review of them after you've read them just in case others may be interested :)

    I think I should add a note on this to the challenge...

  2. Well hi to you too KittyCat. Thanks. Actually I've already listed the books to read with my nieces and I just list them here for the challenge. Book no 1 has not arrive yet as I've bought it online and still waiting. So I'm starting with no. 2 first. My sister has read no.4 and she said that the story was good and has a similarity to an Iranian movie entitled Children of Heaven (I've already watched it & love it) so I'm thinking my nieces and I will be enjoying the book too.
    On the review part, mmm... I'm a bit rustic here and not as good as you. If I did make a review, I'll inform you.

  3. Thanks for inviting me Niza. ..I'll compile the list soon and hope to publish it in my blog. Hemmm, where do I start now?

    p/s malu kan, now the whole world tau betapa malasnya anak2 Malaysia membaca!!!

  4. Kak An - yes... but we can change that. Insya-Allah.

  5. Niza, I have made an entry on this and for the sake of following the rules of the game,here is the link:

  6. Ok Kak An. I'll be there after this.



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