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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reading Challenge Update

Salam and hi everyone.

Muka depan dan belakang 'Abang, Adik & Kasut'

It's just a short update about my participation in the Read A Book A Month Challenge. Last month my niece, Iffah and I finished reading our first book, Wild About Books. I tried to write a review about that book but never come to finish it. I did try. My work schedules at the library and commuting between the shop and the library along with my other social activities make it really hard for me to review books but reading with my love ones is still okay.

So, this month we already started reading the second book, 'Abang, Adik & Kasut' (picture above). It looks really interesting because of some similarities with the Iranian film that I've watched a few years ago, 'Children of Heaven'. I hope the kids will love the story and gain something from it.

Well, got to go now. Bye.

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